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What My Meditation Clients Are Saying:

Meditation Benefits

Meditation Helps You to:

1. Be at peace with your current set of circumstances, release all negativity (hurt, disappointment, resentment, anger, guilt, shame, and conviction), and embrace a new pathway.  This pathway resonates with you and you will develop a sense of peace in your life. 


2.  Radically accept all things that you are not able to change and develop peace with these things.  Release desires to analyze and change these things.  Neutralize your feelings.  Accept your circumstances as they are and make peace with whatever you’re facing.


3.  Release yourself from all judgments.  See things and people with nonjudgmental eyes and realize that all people are doing the VERY BEST that they can.  When you experience a judgmental attitude, identify it and release it.


4.  Spend time with yourself.  Close your eyes and silence your lips.  We are much more intuitive when we are in a quiet space.  The less movement around you, the more grounded you become.  The quieter you are, the louder your inner voice.  Listen, listen, and listen some more.  Attuning with your higher self is easiest when you go into your own sacred space.  


5.  Send love to everyone and everything in your environment.  Take a moment to nurture your space right here, right now.  Create a state of gratitude and just breathe.  


Live in the learn more, schedule a session!  Start your meditations and heal from the inside out....

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