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Dry and Wet Paint

Alpha Kids Program
Lowering Brainwaves through Paint and Meditation

Children ages 4 and up


Our Alpha Kids program teaches children to just breathe and allow their minds to rest as they paint.  Painting allows the child to decrease their cortisol levels, increase dopamine, and lower the brainwave altogether.  Lowered brainwaves help children to decrease impulsivity, regulate their own emotions, focus, concentrate, problem solve, release stress, and experience enhanced moods. 

Benefits of Painting

• Reduces stress levels

• Creates new neural pathways in the brain

• Increases ability to focus and concentrate

• Reduces impulsivity

• Enhances quality of sleep

• Enhances mood

• Adjusts neurotransmitters in the brain without using medications

• Enhances ability to self-regulate emotions

Painting Eggs
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