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Understanding Childhood Trauma Training

Presented by: Daysha Phimphone LPC,LPN,CCATP

A Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional with extensive training in childhood and adolescent trauma, TF-CBT and Cognitive Processing Therapy

Earn 5 CEU's 

This unique training is designed to teach clinicians to properly identify signs of PTSD in children. Clinicians will enhance their knowledge in diagnosing and treating PTSD. We will explore various screening tools like the UCLA PTSD Index, The Child PTSD Symptom Scale, and The Trauma Symptom Checklist during the training.

The program will also help to build the clinician’s confidence in using evidence-based interventions (TF-CBT, Cognitive Processing Therapy).

I will use various strategies to engage all participants. We will have open discussions and I will use videos, Powerpoint slides, and handouts to enrich the learning experience. I plan to have an interactive presentation where all participants are engaged.

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