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Covid-19 Grief Group

We as a people are in a very complicated space right now. The pandemic has had devastating effects on the lives of all individuals and families. There is no person who has not felt the impact of living through this pandemic that plagues our current lives. Many people have lost loved ones. There are individuals who have lost multiple family members. People have lost friends, co-workers, teachers, coaches, their favorite grocers, day care providers, etc. There is so much pain and suffering in this present time and this is an area that is not being properly addressed by the mental health community.

We are aware of what is happening to families. We are aware that children have lost their parents. We are aware that children are in school trying to smile through the pain. We are aware that parents have lost their children. We know that your loved ones are in hospitals on ventilators. Your loved ones’ organs are shutting down or perhaps, you have already lost your loved one to the virus.

We SEE what is happening and we sincerely want to be here for all of you. Therefore, we are coming together as an agency to offer support to any of you who have lost loved ones to this vicious illness. We are also offering support to those of you who currently have a loved one in the hospital. You’re afraid and we want to provide a space for you to talk through the pain and find support. We are creating a safe space for individuals to come together to share their experiences and heal. Your voices will be heard and we will help provide the support needed to help you to move through the grief process effectively.

Group Process

This is a closed group and once participants are selected and group has officially begun, no new members will join. Closed groups provide the level of cohesiveness that is needed to work through sensitive subject matter.  Groups will begin on November 8, 2021.  Sessions will flow from 6pm-8pm and will take place every 3 weeks. There will be a series of groups extending out until May 23, 2022.  There are a total of 10 group sessions planned at this time.  

Ongoing Support

Once the group has ended, individual sessions will be offered for individuals with an ongoing need for healing.  


***There will be a screening process so that we can effectively determine if prospective participants are an appropriate fit for the group.

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Phone: (912) 737-2176