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White Sands

Info Sessions for Parents/Caregivers
***If you are interested in a topic that is not listed on this sheet, please feel free to ask.  We will be more than happy to offer a class for you!.



Recognizing Signs of Anxiety in Your Child

Does your child have anxiety?  Learn how to identify the signs of anxiety in your child.  Learn tips on how to reduce anxiety.


Understanding Childhood Trauma 

Learn to recognize the signs of trauma, learn how the brain changes after trauma, learn how to help your child after he or she has been traumatized.


Recognizing Signs of Depression in Children

Could your child be suffering from depression?  What are the signs?  


ADHD, ADD, or Trauma

The symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and trauma are often overlapping.  Learn how to determine if your child is showing signs of trauma so that they are not being misdiagnosed


How Your Child’s Diet Affects His/Her Emotional Health

Learn how foods impact the brain.  Learn how development is stunted when consuming certain foods.  Learn how to encourage healthy eating.


Internet Safety: Shining the Light on Online Predators

Learn how to keep your children safe on the internet and how predators gain access to your children through certain games and apps.  This group is for parents and children.  We would love the opportunity to share with your child ways to keep themselves safe while browsing the internet and while engaging with strangers on games and other apps.  We have safety tips for parents and children and we will have time for children to share their experiences with online bullying.  We will offer tips on how to respond appropriately and how to recognize the signs of toxic online relationships.  They will recognize the signs of being lured into an inappropriate relationship with a predator or a psychologically abusive personality on the internet.


Parenting While Healing through Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety

Learn effective ways to heal from your trauma and still parent effectively


Connecting with My Child/Children

learn ways to bond with your children even as they are struggling emotionally.  Learn effective ways to attend to your own emotional health and still be able to be present for your children.  Learn how to identify your child’s emotional needs, learn your child’s love language and have open communication at home.

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