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Meet the Phenomenal I & R Team

Daysha Phimphone 



I am Certified in Child and Adolescent Trauma, Clinical Anxiety, and Meditation.  I am also a Certified Sound Healer.  I have been in the field of Psychology for over 20 years and I thoroughly love watching my clients walk through some of the most challenging times of their lives.  I work with adults, children, couples, and families.  My specialization is in trauma.  

Just a Little Personal Note:

I am so excited about life in general!  There are so many great wonders of the world and my goal is to experience as much as I possibly can in this life that I have been offered.  I am passionate about humanity and feel that it is my purpose to be a light in the world.  I am an individual first but I am also a wife to an amazing husband, and a mother to truly gifted children.  I love to cook, create new things, travel, decorate, and learn new things.  I am an explorer by nature.  To keep myself balanced, I meditate and practice deep breathing.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, galivanting, and exploring new places.  I love life!

Somsak Bio Picture_edited.jpg

Somsak Phimphone

Chief of Operations, COO

I oversee the operations of I & R.  I work with claims, billing, and help develop innovative ways to help the company run smoothly.  I also run payroll for the company, handle the company's accounting, and develop innovative ways to keep the company flowing in a positive direction. 

Just a Little Personal Note:

I am an adventurous person who enjoys traveling, spending time with my family, trying new things, and being on the water. I like trying new things and taking spontaneous trips!  I have a love for life and can find something positive in almost any situation.  On quiet days, I find myself sitting in my "thinking chair."  I meditate on a daily basis and find it intriguing that I can easily go into my own zone when I just need a quiet moment.  I love being on the beach and this is where I find so much peace.  My happiness comes in sharing with others.  I enjoy the gift of giving and I do it because it is what makes my heart happy.  Life is such a journey and I am thankful for the ability to live it!

Picture Colin Harrison.jpg

Colin Harrison


I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling at South University. I received my undergraduate degree in music education from Georgia Southern University and worked as a middle school teacher for 5 years. Now, I am looking forward to helping others find peace in their lives through counseling. I believe mindfulness and meditation are effective paths to peace and emotional well-being. I also love the arts. I sing professionally in the Savannah area and in Servire Chorus - a community-focused service organization. I find artistic expression enriches our lives and has benefits for our physical and mental health. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the beach, playing tennis, and watching standup comedy.

Picture Ori F.jpg

Orisbel Fernandez


Meet Orisbel Fernandez! “I am a licensed clinical social Worker, graduate of Savannah State University. My clinical experience comes from working in an outpatient mental health clinic and in a multidisciplinary team. My approach to mental health is deeply rooted in empathy, respect, and cultural sensitivity. I provide psychotherapy both in English and Spanish, having a unique strength for working with the geriatric population. I believe in building strong therapeutic relationships based on trust, collaboration, and mutual understanding. Therapeutic techniques are used to help clients identify patterns, themes, and barriers that may be in their way of reaching their personal goals or hindering interpersonal relationships. Throughout my career, I have embraced a strength-based approach modality, firmly believing in the power of resilience and personal strengths. One area of clinical emphasis is in restoring motivation to live well. I understand that life can present obstacles that dampen one's spirit and hinder the ability to engage fully in life. Through compassionate and person-centered therapy, I strive to reignite motivation, helping individuals rediscover their passions, purpose, and joy. Come and embrace the process of learning, growing, and evolving into the best version of yourself.” Personal note: “Savannah has become my home for the past 10 years; I love the community and people. Raised in a large loving family with personal understanding of the complexities and challenges of being a military spouse. On my time off, I truly enjoy connecting with loved ones, listening to a powerful audio-book and honoring time to decompress in mindful solitude.

Tameka Grant


Bio Coming Soon

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