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Must Try Guided Meditations


Mommy and Me Meditations

I teach Mommy and Me/Daddy & Me meditations to reduce the effects of anxiety in children and parents.  The meditations also enhance bonding between parents and children.  Learn to nurture your children and reach them on an emotional and spiritual level.  


Couples Meditations

Did you know that our cells interact with each other?  What better way to enhance the bond with your partner than to join together in a guided meditation? Open up channels of energy together and fall deeper in love as you learn to communicate with each other on a cellular level!


Beach Meditations

Join us for a dynamic Collective Consciousness experience at Coligny Beach in South Carolina or here, at Tybee Island.  We are all balls of energy.  Join with like-minded individuals to create a sense of harmony, peace, and freedom during one of our Beach Meditations.

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