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Breaking Negative Cycles

What negative cycles do you keep seeing in your life? What things keep showing up in your world? Are there certain personalities that you keep seeing yourself attracted to? Are you finding it hard to break away from a repetitive cycle in your life? Explore recurrent themes in your life by taking an objective view of your outer world. If you keep seeing the same types of circumstances in your life, most likely you’re matching up with these themes because there are some unresolved conflicts of the heart. Sit quietly and without judgment as you reflect on the past experiences that you’ve been harboring. Keep going deeper and deeper until you find the source of your conflict. Awareness is paramount. Once you become aware of the root of the problem, it no longer has the power to harm you. You must look at it, no matter how difficult it is…..think about it this way, if there’s a snake in the corner and you’ve got your back to it, it has power over you! It can strike at any time from any angle. Just because you’re not looking at it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. When you’re facing it and looking directly at it, YOU have the power. You can plan your escape and survival by looking directly at it! It’s the same notion with our unresolved conflicts. FACE them. Look at them. You’ve got control when you pull painful, traumatic things from the subconscious mind. As long as it’s lurking in your subconscious, it’s controlling every aspect of your life. Learn to release from the things that have kept you in bondage. Learn to LIVE and live abundantly…. Mindful Psychotherapist and Meditation Guide, Daysha Phimphone LPC, CCATP, CATP

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