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Individual Psychotherapy

We work with individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, workplace stress, trauma, major life adjustments like divorce, separation from family, grief, and abandonment issues.

Family Time

Family Therapy

We work with families who have unresolved trauma that hinders their ability to bond with each other.  We teach families to communicate effectively and work through the issues that have caused them to harbor feeelings of hurt, anger, and resentment.  

Child Counseling

Child Psychotherapy

We help children to process their emotions so that they can learn to live a healthy lifestyle. We teach emotional regulation skills, conflict resolution, and stress management.  We also work with children who are experiencing bullying, the separation of parents through divorce, and social anxiety.

Couple Hugging

Couple's Sessions

We work with couples who are impacted by infidelity, major life changes such as a move, loss of job, and/or grief of a loved one.  We teach the power of communication, the analysis of body language, and how to understand the process of change in relationships.

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